The 53KM run route will start on Thesen Island next to Sirocco at 06H00.


Water Points

WP #1 - Simola golf Course (7.7KM)

WP #2 - Terblans Nature walk (17.2KM)

WP #3 - Diepwalle Forest Station (39.94KM)

The 53KM run is a mix between tar, gravel, jeep track and trail routes.

The initial 8km is all tar from Thesen Island, through the Knysna Quays and up Old Cape Road to Simola. The Simola climb is a tough climb but not the hardest of the day by any means. The first  


The first water / check point is at Simola Golf Course.

Participants then turn onto Gounda road and descend the steep 2.8km into the Knysna Forest. Athletes will then cross over the Gouna River where you can jump into the water to cool yourself down. This is then followed by a steep climb out of the valley with spectacular views of the Steenbras River below.

The 2nd water / check point is at Terblans Nature walk.


Athletes then will venture into the forest and complete the 4.6km Terblans nature walk route and join back onto the Gouna road. The route then takes participants along the stunning Kom Se Pad until they divert into the forest on a 7km section along the Elephant hiking trail, past the Big Tree, old railway lines and some natural forest hardly explored by runners / walkers / hikers alike.

NOTE: There is a tap to replace any water at the picnic spot.

You will then cross over Prince Alfreds pass and continue along the stunning Elephant hiking trail for another 6 km before you get to Diepwalle Forest Station.


The 3rd water / check point will be at Diepwalle Forest Station.

After a brief rest stop, the route then joins Prince Alfreds pass and takes runners the final 9km to bottom of the climb up to the Forest Tower which overlooks the surrounding area. This is a 2km stretch where participants need to dig deep to complete the Sea 2 Tower race.