Rules for the Backyard Ultra

1) Starting Corral
Participants must be in the starting corral at the bell (start of each hour)

2) Starts
Each loop starts precisely 1 hour after the last
A 3, 2 and 1 minute warming will be given prior to start of each hour
All competitors must start at the bell (no late starts)

3) Loops
Except for restrooms, competitor may not leave the course until each loop is completed
No non-competitors on the course (including eliminated runners)
No personal aid during a loop
Each loop must be completed within an hour to be counted… including the final lap.
No artificial aids (including trekking poles)
Slower runners must allow passes.

4) Timing
Timing of the loops is optional

5) Winner/Results
The winner is the last person to complete a loop
All others are technically DNF
Results of each runner in terms of distance covered are to be given.
If no runner can complete one more loop than anyone else, there is no winner.

6) Race Points

Points will be awarded according to finish position

1 - 20 points

2 - 15 points

3 - 12 points

4 - 10 points

5 - 8 points

6 - 5 points

7 - 4 points

8 - 3 points

9 - 2 points

10 - 1 point

Points will be averaged out over the series.