The Cradle Cracker is a chance to see who is quicker around the infamous Cradle Loop. Due to the pandemic this is not an event or a mass gathering of any kind but an opportunity for Runners and Cyclists to have a friendly challenge by completing a specific route and see who 'Commands the Cradle'.

Cyclists / Runners will start and finish at the same location and are required to book their preferred time slot and record their own distance and time.

Cyclists / Runners can choose between three options - Tough Cracker or Mini Cracker or The Mini Double.

Ensure that you read and understand the Details, Rules and Regulations pertaining to the Cradle Cracker.

The Details

Date and Time

Saturday TBC SEPTEMBER '20

Start time from 06:30 onwards


Bidon Bistro

R374, Kromdraai Road, Muldersdrift, Gauteng

Slots Available

Limited slots are available per discipline.

Limited participants per slot.

Slots will be released in a staggered intervals.

Race Options

'Tough Cracker - R125'

Runners are required to complete 1 lap of the Cradle loop - 28.5 km

Cyclists are required to complete 2 laps of the Cradle loop 'including Sterkfontein Cave section' - 90.0 km

'Mini Cracker - R125'

Runners are required to complete an out-an-back run - 15.0 km

Cyclists are required to complete 1 lap of the Cradle loop 'including Sterkfontein Cave section' - 45.0 km

'Mini Cracker - Run and Cycle - R150'

The Mini Cracker R&C is an option for those who are interesting in trying out the Run and the Cycle sections for the Mini Cracker. You can choose which discipline you want to start with.

Entry fee included

Marked Route | Microfibre Sports Towel | Medal | Finisher Cappuccino


Participants are required to record their own distance and time

The Route

Tough Cracker

Tough Cracker.png

Mini Cracker

Mini Cracker.png

The Results

The Pictures

Corrie Bardnard took some great pictures of the Cradle Cracker which are available on his website to view and purchase.


Rules, Regulations and Guidelines

All COVID-19 protocols will be followed and you are required to do your bit as well.

Do not attend if you are sick or have been in the last 14 days

Do not attend if you have been near anyone with COVID-19 symptoms

 Water Points

  • As this is not an event, there are no water tables on the route. However, Divine Ratio will have water containers every 10 km on the Tough Cracker where runners can have their water bottles / bladders filled by a staff member. 

  • Cyclists / Runners are required to bring their own water / nutrition (water bladders are mandatory for runners).

  • Supporters are allowed if required.

Social Distancing

  • Please don't gather before and after your run.

  • Masks are to be worn on arrival, during registration and at the start/finish area.

  • Ensure that a gap of 1.5 m is maintained at the start.

  • Hand sanitiser will be provided.

  • Strictly no spectators allowed.


  • There will be no medical support, however a qualified person will be able to assist at the venue if required.


  • Fastest Cyclists / Runners will be notified once everybody has finished.

  • Organisers decision are final.


  • If you are uncomfortable with any gathering of any kind, please rather stay away and keep safe in your own environment.

  • Participants enter the Cradle Cracker at their own risk.

2020 has turned out to be a very difficult and different year for everybody. Our intention is to give people an opportunity to remain fit and healthy in a safe environment.