how does it work


* Ensure you have the RunGo app downloaded onto your phone prior to taking part.


1. Choose your particular event

2. Under "Route" select your chosen distance - this will direct you to the RunGo website.

3. When the link opens, select the "View in RunGo App"

4. This will open the RunGo app and the route will appear

5. Click on "Download" bottom right corner

6. Click on 'Run" bottom right corner

7. When you are at the start location, click on 'Start Running"

8. Follow the route / directions / built-in turn-by-turn voice navigation

9. At the end of the race, press "Stop" and confirm your choice

10. Select 'Submit Virtual Race'

11. Enter your details and select the Virtual Race you have completed

Results can also be submitted via:

  • Manual Submission Form on the event page:

12. Yours results will be added to the leader-board on our race website.


Once we have verified your results, they will be recorded on the results list.