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Leisure Isle Night Adventure Race

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Leisure Isle Night Adventure Race
- where orienteering points count -



Common Grass Area, Leisure Isle, Knysna

Founders Road and Kinds Way


Wednesday 14th July


Registration from 17H30 - 18H00

Race Starts at 18H00

Entry Fee:

R100 per person

What Can You Expect:

Finisher Medal | Coffee | Food Trucks | Entertainment

Prizes for the 3 top scorers


Participants will be given a map of Leisure Isle with a number of locations marked on the map.

Participants are then required to find those locations on the map and answer some multiple choice questions.

Each location has a point allocation with the further ones having more points then the closer ones.

There is a time limit though and participants would need to see which locations/points they want to collect.

Participants can either go for the high scoring further ones or the closer smaller points but lots of them.

The more points you get, the better your chances of winning are.


For Example:

At point X on the map – what colour is the gate? Purple – Red – Black

At point Y on the map – what is the name of the boat next to the fence.

And so on......