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Backyard Ultra Team Championship

19th October 2024

In 2024, around 50 countries worldwide will be taking part in the third official Backyard World Team Championships.

Each nation will simultaneously host a Backyard Ultra on home soil for 15 of their strongest local runners. Traditional rules apply: 6.7km loops, on the hour, every hour, until one person is left standing.


How does it work?

The 15 athletes will have dual motivation for running; both to score points for their country and naturally, to win the local race themselves. For each lap an individual completes, 1 point is awarded to their country's score. The total sum of all yards run by all 15 athletes by the end of their event, equals the country's overall score. The country with the highest number of yards wins the Championships. The athlete who wins their local Backyard will be crowned National Champion and will be invited to the Backyard Ultra – World Individual Championship on the 18 October 2025.

How do you qualify?

The beauty of the Backyard is that anyone can get onto their National Team. Winners of a Silver Ticket event (6 spots) will qualify automatically. Other participants can qualify by competing in a Backyard Ultra and posting a high lap "yard" count. Those scores are then added to the At-Large list and if you hold one 9 remaining sports, you've made the team!

What races are left?

There is only 1 race left to qualify for the SA Team Champs.

Van Gaalen Backyard Ultra - 20th July


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