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The backyard ultra is a form of ultra-marathon race where competitors must consecutively run a   6.706 km lap in  less than one hour. These laps are repeated on the hour, every hour.  When each lap is completed, the remaining time within that hour is used to recover, rest, eat   before the start of the next lap.  The race  ends when  there  is only one runner remaining  to complete a lap  -   that   runner is marked as the winner and only finisher, with all other runners receiving a "DNF".

The backyard ultra is a very unique trail running experience. It is a race against yourself, it is a race where runners challenge themselves and each other to see how far they are willing to go.  With "Just One More Lap" being repeated in your mind, the support you get from your family and friends and the encouragement you get from other runners - this is a race not to be missed. 

Each venue is unique, with different challenges, elevation, conditions which makes the Backyard Ultra Series an exciting series to be part of. So if you are looking    at doing your first half, full, ultra or crazy distance marathon, then the Backyard Ultra Series gives you the chance to push yourself for "Just One More Lap".

SA Team Champs - October

In 2024, around 50 countries worldwide will be taking part in the third official Backyard World Team Championships.



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4th MAY

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20th JULY

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19th OCT




Click on the relevant race venue above for more information about the venue.



R360 - Backyard Dabble  '5 laps or less'

R59  - Backyard Unlimited '6 laps or more

*NB   Note on Backyard Dabble Entries*
Backyard Dabble entries do not qualify for a finisher shirt. Dabble entries can however upgrade their entry on the
day if you plan to go further then 5 laps and would like to get a Finisher shirt.



Athlete bag | Race number | Timing wristband |  Grab-n-go items | Medal | Shirt | Venue Fee

Online entries close on the Wednesday at noon before the race.



Registration will take place between 07H00 - 08H30.

Race Briefing will take place  at 08H30 - 08H45.

The backyard ultra will start at 09H00. 


Participants are allowed to setup their gazebos and tents on the Friday before the race.

Some venues will have shower facilities and toilets.

Free coffee and tea will also be available for supporters and participants.



There are no water point on the route and participants are required to carry everything they need for each lap. Some last minute  grab-n-go items will be available  at the starting coral.


The Backyard Ultra is about challenging yourself, pushing your limits and seeing how far you are willing to go. This motivation comes from within, from your fellow participants and those supporting your journey.  However, a little motivation  does come in handy.  The final 3 participants will be getting a little something at the end of their race, courtesy of 32Gi

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Runners are required to complete a 6.706km lap in less than one hour. This is repeated on the hour, every hour until runners either are unable to complete the lap in the allotted time or fail to start a next lap. When each lap is completed, the remaining time within that hour is used to recover, eat, sleep, relax before the start of the next lap on the hour.   Except for toilet breaks, competitors may not leave the course until each lap is completed. The winner is the person who completes the most laps.

Runners are required to be in the starting coral before the start of each lap and will be given three warnings before the start of each lap.  All competitors must start at the bell (no late starts). Competitors who do not make the start will get a DNF, even if they are only 10 seconds late

3 minutes to go - 3 whistle blows

2 minutes to go - 3 whistle blows

1 minute to go - 1 whistle blow


Participants are required to provide their own nutrition for the duration of the event. Limited nutrition will be provided by the event organiser.

Supporters are allowed and encouraged to attend the event and provide all mental and nutritional support, however no support is permitted along the route.

Camping facilities will be available at all locations for competitors and supporters. Gazebos / Tents are allowed to be setup the night before and athletes and their spectators are allowed to stay at the venue the night before. Participants are required to bring their own camping equipment, gazebos or other items needed for the duration of the event.



Below is a guide on what items to bring to a backyard ultra.

Head lights with extra batteries

Extra socks and shoes (2 pairs recommended)

Water bottles / hydration pack

Race food and nutrition

Sunscreen / cap

Change of clothing

Chafe cream / Vaseline

Emergency space blanket

Soft shell jacket / Wind proof / rain jacket

Buff / Beanie / Thermal base layer / Fleece top / gloves

Tent / gazebo / chair / warm blanket / sleeping bag / pillow

Cooking equipment / Crockery and cutlery

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